Co-founding member of Piccolo Studios created nearly 45 years ago, Dominique Messier is widely known for his career as a drummer, and not just any drummer, Celine Dion’s drummer. Since 1995, he has played for more than 2000 live shows with one of the greatest artist of all times!

Throughout the years, Dominique has compiled an impressive record of musical accomplishments, from live gigs to 13 years of French Canadian television (Épopée Rock; Metropolis; Benezra; Le point J; Le grand blond avec un show sournois) and several hundred recordings for the most successful music artists in Quebec (Celine Dion; Lynda Lemay; Isabelle Boulay; Kevin Parent; Rock Voisine; Richard Seguin; Michel Rivard; Diane Dufresne; Gaston Mandeville; Gilles Vigneault, to name only a few).

His journey of extraordinary musicianship has led him to devote most of his time to musical productions (Mary-Lou Gauthier; Ingrid St-Pierre; Isabelle Boulay; Rita Tabbakh; Ubisoft; Daniel Scott; Petrol Taste; Alain Comeau; Annabel Gutherz, etc.).

Versatile and multi-talented, these projets have allowed him to exercise his many passions such as playing a variety of instruments (guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals and orchestration) and working on all phases of the production process: the music, the sound and the story.

“I have lived in recording studios since day one of my career! I’m extremely proud of the solid reputation Piccolo Studios have built over the years. We have made it home for the greatest artists in canadian history as they experienced magical moments of musical creations. Though I must say that it’s only when I am in recording sessions myself that I recognize the amazing opportunity I have to live out my passion in this wonderful place.”